Intermountain Medical Center

Murry, UT United States

Project Details

  • Location
    Murry, UT United States
  • Discipline
    Elevator Consulting
  • Service
    Architectural Design
  • Sector

The 468-bed flagship medical center for the IHC system will consolidate services now dispersed among four medical centers in the IHC urban central region, on a new 110-acre brownfield site.The organizational concept for the 1.2 million square-foot project is the creation of five institute centers of excellence. The Womens and Newborns, Tertiary Trauma, Heart & Lung, Ambulatory Care and Oncology Centers of Excellence will anchor the campus with physician office space dispensed throughout. Each have a distinct identity and patient service to facilitate ambitions of introducing the patient experience and efficiency of care while sharing the campus support infrastructure. Each institute has separate growth zones allowing future additions to supplement the state of the art services for years to come.