CMA Tower

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Project Details

  • Location
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Discipline
    Facade Access
  • Service
    Architectural Design
  • Sector

The CMA Tower is the first and signature building of the Kingdom Financial District of Riyadh. The Owner is the Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Saudi Arabia. The Capital Market Authority will occupy the top 3rd of the building with the middle and lower 3rds being diversified occupants.The building consist of four basement levels with parking and back of house functions, a three entry level Podium with restaurants, meeting facilities, and workout areas. The building is served by two double-deck sky lobbies; the local floors service is by the ThyssenKrupp TWIN systems. These systems were used to provide the needed net rentable space while minimizing core within the allowable floor space. There are 11 Double Deck shuttle cars, 17 TWINS, 12 escalators and 12 other elevators (Service and Machine Room Less units). The project is to be completed by mid-year 2012.