Associate - Facade Access

Location: New York, NY

Post Date: 04-17-2017

Title: Associate (FACG)

Reports to:  Vice President 

General Summary of the Position 

The FACG Associate is to support the Consultant and Vice President, develop Façade Access design solutions, produce Façade Access drawings, layouts, and custom equipment and provide a secondary point of contact and source of information for the client. In addition, manage assigned projects to assure completion for multiple deadlines, milestones, etc., are provided on time, in a professional manner, while meeting constantly changing priorities.

In addition, support the Consultant and BLM to develop the local markets by marketing LB services for all business lines, assisting in exhibiting in regional conferences, meeting prospective clients, and conducting client Lunch and Learns, demonstration of ability to complete professional work product, billing, drive office profit, and work well with others within LB.  

 Essential Functions 

1.  Work with Façade Access Designers, Consultant’s and Vice President to plan, coordinate, deliver, bill, and all activities associated with FACG projects. 
2.  Responsible for:

  • Design Façade Access solutions from Client and Consultant input.
  • Prepare preliminary project designs and sketches. 
  • Coordinate project design and drawing delivery with Consultant.
  • Perform quality control on drawings.
  • Post/send drawing sets to clients. 
  • Preparation of reports.
  • Shop drawing reviews, coordination and mark-up.
  • Job site review of equipment/systems specified by Lerch Bates.  Create reports pertaining to areas of percentage of work completed and deficiency list.
  • Timely response to client phone calls and inquires.
  • Represent Lerch Bates in project planning and coordination meetings.

3.  Performs all aspects of client projects for which assigned:

  • Drawings, sketches, models, etc.
  • Site and equipment surveys.
  • Inspection of equipment, per ASME A120 and OSHA 1910.66 requirements.
  • New building analysis and design services (CD, DD, SD, CA, etc.)

4.  Examines and verifies quality of services and recommends corrective measures. 
5.  Work with the Consultant to insure timely payment of outstanding invoices.  Protect the company’s financial interests and simultaneously maintain good working relationships with the client.
6.  Perform marketing and sales efforts.  Work effort includes visits to potential clients, local and regional trade shows / conferences, client Lunch and Learns and writing professional services proposals.  Generate additional work opportunities with existing and new clients.
7.  Travel to clients’ and/or project locations to perform work.

Other Responsibilities:

1.  Submit accurate weekly time sheets and expense reports. 
2.  Regular participation in “LB University” courses. 
3.  Establish personal “Goals and Objectives” for all aspects of work, job requirements, and business development. 
4.  Continually learn the essentials of project management. Develop necessary time management/organizational skills
5.  Projects a positive and professional image. Always responds in a courteous and professional manner
6.  Generates new business through client meetings and through "lunch and learns."

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics: 

1.  An understanding of project administration and management.  Understands and follows sound project management processes.
2.  Expert-level working knowledge of the following applications:

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit

3.  Intermediate-level (or greater) working knowledge of the following applications: 

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Project Time Recording system

4.  Operational, system and equipment (of various manufactures/models) “expert” knowledge of one (or more) of the following areas:

  • Building Maintenance Units 
  • Self-Powered Platforms 
  • Monorail and Davit Systems
  • Mid- and/or High-rise Building design, specifications, and analysis
  • Other Façade Access Equipment

5.  Must know, understand, and adhere to applicable industry/ASME codes, OSHA 1910.66 standards, and safety rules.
6.  The ability to assist and coordinate the design of the above systems with the architectural team, building owner, or management companies.
7.  Maintains current knowledge and understanding on industry operational and equipment trends.
8.  Solid mathematical skills, including application and use in problem-solving.
9.  Ability to coordinate own and others’ efforts, manage own time and manage personnel resources.
10.  Strong understanding and expression of written and verbal English.
11.  Ability to meet (or exceed) billing projection for the assigned position.  
12.  Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Architectural Bachelor’s or equivalent degree preferred.  
13.  Preference of 5 years’ experience and no less than 1 year experience in at least one of the areas identified in #3 above. 

Work Context 

1.  High degree of accuracy and exactness is extremely important in the performance of this job. 

2.  To accomplish work activities, Associate must able to assist Façade Access Designer, Consultant or BLM in all project activities. This assistance is to learn all work responsibilities needed to become a Consultant. 

3.  Must be able to work in a variety of physical positions, including sitting, standing walking and driving.  Must be able to adhere to OSHA safety guidelines when accessing; roof tops, self-powered platforms and building maintenance units.

4.  Must have excellent communication skill to speak effectively with a variety of clients and professional managers. 

5.  Assume responsibility for work requirements needed for project success as it pertains to all other LB team members. 

6.  When working within an existing client facility for meetings, Associate is required to wear formal business attire.  Dress attire to be at a minimum; sports coat, collared shirt with tie, dress pants and shoes.

7.  While performing on-site, field work, inspections, audits, surveys, construction administrative services, etc., the Consultant is required to wear required personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hearing protection, hard hats and any special requirement set forth by LB and/or the General Contractor.  The Associates is required to follow all industry safety rules.

Physical/Mental Requirements

Physically – Required to sit, talk or listen in meetings, in person and by telephone, use hands to finger, handle, feel or operate standard office equipment, and reach with hands and arms.  Regularly walk and stand.  Required to climb, step-up, ingress and egress using ladders, stretching, reaching, or other physical motions to take measurements or observe project sites.

Lifting – Must be able to safely lift up to 50 lbs. (depending on equipment) in conducting inspection services per Essential Functions #5 above.

Heights – Must be able to cope with working at extreme heights(100+ stories).

Claustrophobia – Must be able to work within confined spaces.

Motion Sensitivity – Must be able to tolerate constant up, down, forward and reversing motions while performing work.

Travel – by car, air, or rail.

Near Vision – The ability to see details at close range (within a few feet of the observer)

Problem Sensitivity – The ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong.  It does not involve solving the problem, only recognizing there is a problem

Information Ordering – The ability to arrange things or actions in a certain order or pattern according to a specific rule or set of rules (e.g., patterns of numbers, letters, words, pictures, mathematical operations)

Deductive Reasoning – The ability to apply general rules to specific problems to produce answers that make sense

Visualization – The ability to imagine how something will look after it is moved around or when its parts are moved or rearranged

Inductive Reasoning – The ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions (includes finding a relationship among seemingly unrelated events)



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