Nick M. Del Borrello

Administrative Manager
Dewar Partnership Ltd.
Ground Floor, Unit 501 Centennial Park Centennial Avenue
Elstree, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 3FG United Kingdom
+ 44 (0)203 151 2088

Nick Del Borrello has enjoyed a successful 45 year administration career focused on systems development, financial management, sales, and maintenance oversight. 

Nick began his career in 1971 at The Express Lift Company working on major UK firsts including the double decker lifts at Tower 42 and the exterior scenic lifts at Lloyds of London. In 1982 Nick became an operations administrator at Schindler, responsible for maintenance routes in the UK, and creating maintenance databases to effectively manage maintenance and increase production time.

These manual maintenance database systems became the basis of a worldwide maintenance management mainframe system. Nick was a part of the team that built and implemented the new mainframe system and he trained all staff to use this new system in the UK Belgium and Holland.

Nick also has many years of experience managing financial reporting, as a Credit Controller along with meeting with clients and managing leasing.  Nick’s client focused approach and in-depth knowledge of administration and systems is a welcome asset in supporting our customers and consultants.