Our Senior Consultants average 25 years experience in their disciplines and over 15 years with our firm. Their knowledge and experience, along with a commitment to continuing education, place them in demand as authoritative resources within our industry. We are hands-on consultants and understand that the work we do has significant consequences to building owners and users.

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Name Title Office
Ainsley, Jeff Consultant Houston
Ayotte, Scott Senior Consultant Minneapolis
Beard, Stuart Consultant, Vertical Transportation Dewar Partnership Ltd.
Bennett, Daniel Consultant Seattle
Blackwood, Rory Consultant Dallas
Braman, Joseph Senior Consultant New York
Brown, Garrett Consultant Atlanta
Bruner, William Consultant Atlanta
Cary, Carl Consultant Seattle
Chambers, Keith Consultant Atlanta
Crawford, Dana Consultant Strategic Accounts
Curtis, David Consultant Washington D.C.
Davane, Manoj Consultant Lerch Bates Private Ltd. (India)
Dean, Steve Senior Consultant Strategic Accounts
Dotson, Robert Consultant
Doyle, David Consultant, Vertical Transportation Dewar Partnership Ltd.
Evans, Kevin Consultant Seattle
Faille, Carl Consultant Boston
Fatseas, John Consultant Facade Access
Felix, Jose Consultant Los Angeles
Ferdous, Hassan Consultant Dubai
Foutes, Andrew Senior Consultant Philadelphia
Frame, Steven Senior Consultant Orange County
Freeman, Daniel Senior Consultant Logistics
Ganser, Cole Consultant Los Angeles
Geist, Charlie Consultant Chicago
Gustafson, Mark Consultant Phoenix
Hacker, Seth Consultant Orange County
Hanson, Michael Project Manager Chicago
Henderson, Steve Senior Consultant Dallas
Herwadkar, Arvind Senior Consultant Lerch Bates Private Ltd. (India)
Hoffmann, Thomas Senior Consultant Chicago
Hunt, Andrea Senior Consultant Boston
Hunter, Cory Consultant Portland
Johnson, Brian Consultant Dubai
Johnson, Matthew Consultant Atlanta
Kasper, Mark Project Manager New York
Kulkarni, Prashant Senior Consultant Lerch Bates Private Ltd. (India)
Leibrock, Robert Senior Consultant Minneapolis
Lucchesi, Christopher Consultant Strategic Accounts
Lyon, Michael Consultant Washington D.C.
Maier, Gian-Claudio Consultant Los Angeles
Manning, Christopher Consultant Dewar Partnership Ltd.
Menzer, Lauren H. Consultant Chicago
Modak, Sugandh Consultant Lerch Bates Private Ltd. (India)
Moore, Bill Consultant Ohio
Mutal, Michael Consultant Seattle
Novoa, Barbara Associate Facade Access
O'Brien, Timothy Consultant Logistics
Olsen, Thomas Consultant Edmonton
Pinkney, Arnold Consultant Facade Access
Potter, Jeremiah Consultant Los Angeles
Randle, Mark Managing Consultant (VT) Lerch Bates (China) Limited
Rao, Ananthayya Associate Lerch Bates Private Ltd. (India)
Ray, Will Consultant Phoenix
Sablok, Manish Consultant Los Angeles
Shanks, Steven Consultant Atlanta
Shanks, Eugene Consultant Strategic Accounts
Shipley, Carty Senior Consultant Dallas
Stewart, Zachary Consultant Facade Access
Thakoor, Prabhaker Consultant Lerch Bates Private Ltd. (India)
Thomas, Jim Consultant New York
Thompson, Kevin Technical Director Facade Access
Thompson, John Consultant Dewar Partnership Ltd.
Uber, Robert Senior Consultant Ohio
Unsinn, Thomas Project Manager New York
Wickman, Stephanie Senior Consultant Denver
Williams, Michael Consultant Facade Access
Williams, John Consultant Denver
Williams, Frank Consultant Florida
Yang, Kevin Consultant Lerch Bates (China) Limited
Younghanse, Jerry Senior Consultant Washington D.C.
Zhao, Stanley Consultant Lerch Bates (China) Limited